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Download Game Prison Tycoon 1 Full version


Download Game Prison Tycoon 1 Full version

Dalam game ini kita akan mempunyai penjara yang besar dan kita akan mengaturnya disana. Dan game prison tycoon ini kita harus mempertahankan bagaimana keamanan dalam penjara tersebut. Ayo langsung saja download gamenya dan rasakan bagaimana jika kita mempunyai penjara untuk memenjarakan banyak napi disana.

Game Information:

Private prisons have become the new growth industry. You will construct and run an efficient rehabilitation facility with nothing but money on your mind. There's no escaping under your watchful eye as you oversee every detail of prison life. Start from the ground up placing the very walls and fences that will house and contain your prisoners. Choose from multiple isolated environments and get to work. Begin with a low security prison and build it up to a maximum security facility for the world's most dangerous criminals. Expertly staff your prison with wardens, guards, cooks and rehabilitation experts. Carefully balance your budget, maintain prisoner morale, and minimize the potential for financial meltdown. Determine the overall security level of your lockdown, but beware! Too harsh a prison will create a dangerous environment and could spark prisoner riots. Too lenient an approach will result in rampant gang activity. In Prison Tycoon, crime doesn't pay... but justice does!


  • Manage prisoner sentences from time off for good behavior to rehabilitation training
  • Hire and control your prison staff
  • Set up and run prison industries
  • Influence prisoner morale by creating inmate activities, breaking up fights, and handling gang problems
  • Establish your facility's reputation as the ultimate correctional institution

Download Game Prison Tycoon 1 Full version (416 MB):


Jika ada link Download "Mati/Rusak" segera hubungi kami di FP facebook: Dan kami akan memperbaiki link tersebut secepatnya terima kasih! ^_^

Download Game Prison Tycoon 1 Full version

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